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Artist Statement

Art as Wayfinding


Imagine using only the constellations to cross the ocean. The Polynesian wayfinders navigated uncharted waters using the star anchored behind them to forge ahead. My paintings also reference the past to chart a novel course. They are explorations orienting identity in time.


My work bridges child and adult in both material and content. Oil pastel lines are juxtaposed against sleek graphic transfers, fragile graphite curves over hefty wood panels. I allude to games, childhood, and memories through primitive drawings and simple block letters. 


I utilize multiple layers, a process that lends itself to not only the idea of time passing but also to something profound going on just below the surface. My work is an invitation to notice your life, to pause, and to reorient forward using the familiar blinking star on the aft horizon.

Sarah Taylor Ko

Kea'au, Hawai'i


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mailing address

 HCR 2 Box 6450, Keaau, HI 96749


 (808) 769-4421


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