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This fine art original painting is inspired by traditional wayfinding techniques which utilize the sun, stars, wind, clouds, swells and birds to cross the ocean without modern instruments.


Triangularum hints at many navigational elements including the moon, the orange triangle Hokulea sail, and a worn patina suggesting history and traditional knowledge passed down. Triangles are a huge part of navigation, from the shape of the sails, to the plotted courses between Easter Island, Hawaii Island, and New Zealand, and they feature prominately in this piece but in blance with curved elements and small detailed lines. 


For me, wayfinding is an anology to the spiritual life in which we move into the unknown with confidence by paying close attention to our surroundings in attunement with our heart and nature.


An original 12" x 12" mixed media painting utilizing collage, acrylic, and wax, Triangularum ships unframed on a cradled wooden panel. The edges are painted a neutral color. It is ready to hang.



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