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An original 16" x 12" painting on a cradled birch panel, Pahoehoe was created as part of a series of primal elements, earth, fire, and water. 


Pahoehoe is a type of lava that forms undulating rock formations, like ripples in a lake. Where I live the lava underfoot is this type at the edges of the cliffs near the ocean. When I hear earth, I dont think of brown loamy soil, but of this roap-like formation. 


In the painting Pahoehoe, I used a page from the dictionary about earth, a stencil of Hawai'i Island, and drew in blue some of the petroglyph forms carved into our ground. Red in the painting hints at the lava origins of some of the newest land on our planet, here on the Big Island. Pahoehoe the painting has many layers, much like the island formation it alludes to. It is a mixed media painting finished with cold wax. 


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