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An original 12" x 12" mixed media painting utilizing collage, acrylic, and wax, Number Noise II ships unframed on a cradled wooden panel. The edges are painted a neutral color. It is ready to hang.


In 2021 I was asked by one of my galleries to make some work around Covid-19 and what it meant to me. 


Immediately I thought of how tired I was, even then, of all the scary and confusing statistics. Just like taming the monster under the bed, I printed them all out and glued them to a board and painted over them. 


In this piece, Number Noise II  you can still see the obscured data layered in with a pair of lungs, a representation of the virus itself, and stenciled question marks for all the uncertainty that existed a year ago and still does today. 


As I was working on this series I realized this is what art is fundamentally about. It is both the job and privilege of an artist to be able to translate trauma, difficult experiences, and unsettling observations into something useful, beautiful, or meaningful. 


I didnʻt get sick with Covid-19 until August of 2022, but I am still struggling with the after effects, like an unstable heart rate and neurological symptoms. Of course we all daily experience financial ramifications. My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones. I hope you find in Number Noise II some closure or comfort in your own pandemic story as you imagine the white lungs being clear and taking a deep breath.  

NumberNoise II

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