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An original 10" x 10" mixed media painting on a cradled wood panel, Invisible Etching is part of a collection of work inspired by the poems of Miho Nonaka in her book The Museum of Small Bones.


Invisible Etching comes from the poem Floating which begins, "All summer, I longed to become a jellyfish." I included in my painting many different types of jellyfish and tentacles to reinforce the idea of reaching out. Collaged in and mostly painted over are Japanese and Chinese calligraphy, spoons, and small areas of bright colors reminiscent of shaved ice. I included a large "A" for Akiko and "N" for Nonaka, juxtaposing thin curling lines with thick geometric ones. I used thin tools to carve into the wooden painting support, literally etching the surface. I hoped the abundance of black paint would lend the work the asian simplicity and sophistication I found in the poem.


All the details add up to the idea of the transparent connections we have to our home, our identity and to each other.

Invisible Etching

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