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Summer Sky is an abstract, original 8" x 8" artwork that celebrates wayfinding and celestial navigation.


This small work depicts Huinakalu, the navigator's triangle (also called the summer triangle) which is the northern part of the Hawai'ian star line called The Chief's Fishline (Scorpius). 


I used block printed 'uki'uki which is an endemic plant whose fruit was used to make a purple kapa dye, a line drawing of the ocean going canoe sail, and many small details awaiting your discovery.


Mixed media, wax, graphite, and acrylic on cradled birch panel, this beautiful quiet painting's intricate layered details draw viewers in for a closer look and give a sense of depth and time.


Ready to hang. Free shipping in the USA. Please inquire for an international shipping quote. 

Summer Night Sky

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